Vi Makina was established in 2008 and has a young and dynamic team. Our company provides sales and after-sales services for Liebherr Construction & Heavy Equipment (excavators, loaders, dozers and industrial excavators) and EP forklifts. Considering that the majority of Construction & Heavy equipment brands produced in the worldwide are located in our country, the importance of after-sales services has become critical and decisive in brand preference. Our customers in the Construction & Heavy equipment sector that we serve, while purchasing machinery, besides the performance of the machine, fuel consumption, investment cost; It also examines the issues of spare part availability, spare part price and service capacity in detail. 

    Nowadays, as we experience that technology is developing and changing every passing day, heavy equipment are also equipped with advanced technology. These technological developments may contain similar features in different brands.



    As Vi Makina, together with our Headquarter in Izmir, and Branch Offices in Adana and Antalya, we serve our customers who are owner of Liebherr heavy equipment in a very wide area. Our main goal is to ensure untroubled machine use of our valued customers by keeping the original spare parts of all existing working Liebherr heavy machines in stock.


    As Vi Makina, we provide rental services to our valued customers with our high-tech and lowest fuel consumption Liebherr machines for short or long-term rental needs. We provide solutions that will not disturb your business in any period with periodical renting or renting with an option to purchase.

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    We are at your service with our machines presented to you with every detail transparently, and with detailed expertise and revisions made to enable you to buy machinery easily without thinking about the difficulties and troubles of purchasing second-hand machinery. You can view all our second hand machines and their details on our website.


Vi Makina started its activities in the fields of machinery sales, spare parts sales and service in 2008 with the establishment of Liebherr Turkey (LTK). Vi Makina is the only company authorized by Liebherr in all fields of activity in the Aegean Region, including Isparta and Antalya; Mediterranean Region, including Mersin, Adana, Osmaniye and Antakya.  

Vi Makina provides a high customer satisfaction guarantee with the direct sales of high quality and efficient Liebherr heavy equipment (Liebherr Wheel Loaders, Liebherr Excavators, Liebherr Bulldozers, Liebherr Industrial Machinery (port-scrap-recycling)) manufactured with high Liebherr technology in the geographical region for which it is responsible, besides experienced service technicians and service engineers in after-sales service.

Our company is also active in forklift and generator sales, spare parts, after-sales service in the industrial machinery group along with Heavy Equipment and earth Moving Machinery services.