Vi Makina was established in 2008 and has a young and dynamic team. Our company provides sales and after-sales services for Liebherr Construction & Heavy Equipment (excavators, loaders, dozers and industrial excavators) and EP forklifts. Considering that the majority of Construction & Heavy equipment brands produced in the worldwide are located in our country, the importance of after-sales services has become critical and decisive in brand preference. Our customers in the Construction & Heavy equipment sector that we serve, while purchasing machinery, besides the performance of the machine, fuel consumption, investment cost; It also examines the issues of spare part availability, spare part price and service capacity in detail..

Nowadays, as we experience that technology is developing and changing every passing day, heavy equipment are also equipped with advanced technology. These technological developments may contain similar features in different brands. So, when it is necessary to make a choice between machines with technology that are close to each other, it becomes the after-sales services that make the difference. After-sales services are responsible for keeping customers' heavy equipment or generators operational at any time. In the economic conditions of our time, our customers want their heavy equipment to be operational at maximum efficiency and in maximum time. In order to ensure this, companies in the service sector, like our company, have to provide the fastest and best service to their customers by having a sufficient number of trained expert personnel, and a sufficient stock of spare parts.

Nowadays, in order to meet the needs of after-sales service, a well-trained experienced labor force that can adapt to the developing technology, a stock of spare parts to be used in after-sales services, and coordination of these are needed. As Vi Makina, we produce the most suitable solutions for our customers within the shortest time with our spare parts team and warehouse, 16 mobile service vehicles, and 22 technical personnel.

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